bring us back


wow.  dropped off the girls.  prayed the Rosary.  cried.  briefly.  got home in time to help hubby get going and made it to Mass at our boys school.  the only thing that helped me not cry was watching the big guy on the drums.  he was getting after it.  Father Joe is awesome.  i love that guy.

girls had Eucharistic celebration today at their school.  i already checked with our priest about whether or not they could partake in communion on days like this.  no.  he reminded me that while we know Jesus is alive when we receive communion, other faiths use the bread as a sign of breaking bread, not our living Lord Jesus.  he further reminded me that this is why we are Roman Catholic.  we broke away all those years ago because of our beliefs.  hey, i’m with you…they won’t partake. 

but my heart aches.  i want them to be back at their old school where everywhere there were reminders of the love of Jesus and Mary and the saints.  i want them to go to school each day and partake fully in everything that we have been so fortunate to be able to pursue in our chosen religion.  i don’t want to see the worry in their eyes about what to do when it’s time for communion at their new school. 

i looked in my 5th grader’s binder, as usual, to see what homework she had and she had her First Communion prayer book tucked away in there!

i continue to pray as heartfelt as i can to be accepting of where we are at this point because i am trying to see the bigger picture.  who knows what our good Lord Jesus has in store?  we can’t know.  which is why our faith cannot falter. 

oh, my heart is heavy.  i just keep on keepin’ on.  no choice in that matter.  life does go on.

we are getting ready to get all the first floor stuff moved out to get the walls & ceiling painted, the wooden floors pulled up & replaced with stone.  that’ll be something.

i have a run on tap today.  my heart is not in it, but i will do it nonetheless.


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