What a day, what a beautiful day.


Woke up at 4.  A.M.  That is.  wow.  tried my best to go back to sleep to no avail.  kept thinking about my girls and all the changes we are all going through.  finally time to get up for real and i got the girls to school – we finished the rosary we started yesterday.  Even started a new one on my own.  (Thanks, IPhone)  Then, went to Mass at STM.  wow.  those kids.  those kids are just wonderful kids.  the feeling in that Mass is just indescribable.  a lot of these kids are children who i have seen since pre-kindergarten at Our Lady of Fatima!  We are talking 4 & 5 years old!  Today, I found myself sitting and looking with amazement at these same children…the boys are soooo tall, facial hair, squared jaws, broad shoulders.  The girls have gotten beautiful and lady-like… just blows my mind.  And all of them, pretty much, had such reverence at Mass and especially at Communion.  It was just a huge blessing to me.  My sweet step-son had a solo as part of Campus Ministry!  He sounded great and looked so proud to be such a big part of something so close to our hearts.  I cried.  Just looking at these children and knowing how innocent (yes, innocent still) their little spirits are just makes me cry. 

I have been doing great with my rosary.  I can honestly say that I feel differently after being so intensive in my prayer life.  I literally stop myself from saying things I know I shouldn’t say and taking part in things I know I shouldn’t take part in…us women, you know we like to gossip!  But that isn’t a good thing.  I love knowing that while God is busy stretching me waaaaayyyy beyond my comfort zone, I am able to keep my eyes on Him and know that we will all come out alright in the end.  Oh, and it hurts.  Doing something day after day that just doesn’t fill up the cup of internal joy…I heard it termed somewhere that when we feel this way – this internal sorrow and emptiness, yet, we still forge ahead and do what is right – it’s called digging a trench.  We are doing the work that must be done, knowing that it’s for the good to come later.

Anywho, got my 3 miles in and talk about HOT.  wow.  I was ready to walk the last .2 of the last mile.  Did I?  NO!!!!  We don’t quit!  We keep moving!  Makes us strong runners!  I was so happy to reach my driveway. 

Tomorrow – 7-8 mile run.  I’m looking forward to getting kiddos to school, going to chapel – 4th grader had to write closing prayer – then, home to run.  my two objectives for the morning!  then i gotta buy porch plants before hubby freaks.  bare porch.  ugly porch.  just bare.  then i gotta start moving this house around to get ready for the renovation!  woohoo!  that’ll be great.  can’t wait for that.  whole downstairs getting new floors & pain on walls & ceilings.  i’m feeling some new window treatments and furniture & bedding might be in our future, too!

off to parent’s night at the new school.  as i got ready, i surely wished i was going to my old school parent’s night.  we Catholics start everything with a prayer.  We even started the swim-team meeting with a prayer!  I LOVE THAT!  Oh, Lord, help me not judge.  Oh, Lord, just help me.

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