my iphone has changed my prayer life…


wow.  my iphone has truly changed my prayer life!  as a cradle Roman Catholic, i was raised praying the rosary when it was necessary…at wakes before funerals, sometimes when my grandparents were in town.  as an adult, i have prayed to be able to say it the right way.  yes, there is a right way.  it’s not just 50 hail Mary’s.  but, the older i have gotten and the busier i have gotten, i have settled on asking the Blessed Mother to be my mom since my mom is in Heaven.  anywho, now that i have my iphone, there are apps for EVERYTHING!  including the rosary.  i have been saying the rosary every day for several days and i’m so happy about that.  it’s extremely soothing and peace-inducing.  i know Mary hears our prayers and her gift to us was the rosary.  i feel like i have a lot of time to make up for because i knew i should say it, but i wasn’t sure exactly how.  it’s not that hard.  i think i probably have ADD; okay, i’m sure i do.  so, it is difficult for me to be still and contemplate the mysteries of the rosary, but i am finding that i am able to do it better and better. 

as far as the girls’ school goes, well, i’m trying to love it.  hubby and i had an argument over it because i’m not in love with the new school.  i’m trying.  i just don’t feel it.  the way i was raised, the way i am, IS my faith, now more than ever.  i adore being a Roman Catholic and can’t imagine any other way.  on the other hand, being at a new school is a great opportunity for the girls to recognize that while Jesus is THE Way, other children and their families pray differently, through Jesus.  so, that’s a good thing. 

i’m still not clear on this…are Roman Catholics the only ones who make the sign of the cross?  i’m not sure. 

i dropped off my paperwork for the girls yesterday to begin Cathechism (sp?), via home study.  i think that will help.  i help them say the rosary, too, on the way to school each morning.  we can’t do the whole thing in one morning, but it’s a start and Mary knows our hearts.

tomorrow, i get back with the Son in the Adoration Chapel!  CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

The best thing I have ever learned in my life is…well, there are two…most importantly, God loves ME.  Just like i am.  Faults and all.  the saints were regular sinners just like me.  they just accepted the grace of God, got up when they fell, and kept on going.  we can do that, too.  Secondly, it’s not about this world.  It truly is not.  None of the external things we have acquired will come with us to Heaven.  but the things we have acquired internally can help us get there and the things we have acquired internally can be used to help other people while we are here to get to Heaven, too.  wow.  may the peace of our Lord Jesus be with each & every one of you.

P>S> ;)))))i won the lottery!  the houston marathon lottery, that is…heehee.  i’m so excited!  i just downloaded my training plan.  ouch.  i’m not used to following a plan!  it’ll be good.  today is 2 miles?????please, people.  okay, i’ll be good.  i’ll follow it.  because by the end of the week i will have run 18 according to training plan, but in actuality it’ll be 24 cuz my tm workouts…sweet!

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