gotta be honest


I have to get this out.  We switched schools for our girls today.  I feel absolutely horrible about it because their school where they have been since kindergarten is so wonderful.  It’s 25 miles from our home.  It’s an all girls Catholic school and I used to ask my mom if I could go.  No way.  Too expensive.  So, pregnant and knowing I was having a girl, I knew she would go to this wonderful school.  Long story short…another girl later and two diagnoses of profound deafness, I wondered if my dream for them would be realized.  By God’s will, it was.  They have been at school for 4 & 5 years.  Now they are going to a different school that is not Catholic.  I can’t stop crying.  I’m trying to keep my feelings from my sweet girls.  I didn’t want to influence them negatively because they were fairly receptive to the change.  When my 5th grader saw my puffy eyes this afternoon and asked me if I was sad about school and I said yes, she broke down in tears and let her own feelings out.  I talked with both my daughters about their feelings and honestly, I think I’m more affected than they are.  So, we go on.  I just feel raw, emotionally.  So, we are going to the store for ice cream, milk and beer.  I can only think of a handful of times that I felt this horrible inside.  I keep reminding myself that God doesn’t give me more than I can handle and that He is with me.  I know He’ll get us through this, too, but I can’t help feeling like a child who wants what she wants – a beautiful education in a beautiful school for her beautifl daughters.  I will miss the school – the only other place I felt that type of serenity was while skiing in Colorado and I would stop high on the mountain and listen to the stillness that could only come from God.  It was truly divine.  I will miss the teachers – they go out of their way for the girls…I will miss the great, inspiring moms who I just love.

P.S.  Okay, back from the store…forgot ice cream, probably better that way.  Bought Diary of a Wimpy Kid (kids are loving it), Miller Light mmmm…, and a wonderful candy bar that is dark chocolate, crisp, and filled with pepper and pop rocks.  I know.  Sounds weird.  If I were a chocolate bar, that would probably be me.  And, I feel better after a conversation with a fellow mom of two wonderful daughters the same age as mine…she’s out of town, but we agreed to get together next week.  She gets me.  She’s great.  I love her…peace. 

Oh, and I did NOT run today.  Even though I’m dressed for it.  I spent huge hunks of  time praying, too, but didn’t feel prompted by God one little bit to hit “start” on the treadmill.  I’m setting my sights/sites on tomorrow, in more ways than one…and more tomorrows than tomorrow.  Lord help me.  Do you think we run out of tears in a given day?  I think we do.  I think that now.  After all the tears I’ve cried today.   Tomorrow has to be better.

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