Time flies


This picture stays in my mind from a couple of weeks ago and now, hopefully, I can purge my mind…this woman, squatting, sweaty, breathing heavily, out of the way of traffic, near a fence, fumbling with something frantically in her hands…ME!!!!  A couple of Fridays ago, I had an outdoor, H-O-T RUN outside, THANKFULLY with SPORTBEANS in my pocket!    So, yeah, the squatting, sweaty woman was me, trying to get something energizing in my mouth!  The beans worked!  But as I squatted there, fumbling, I had to laugh at the picture of myself.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that the heat here is scorching and wet – all at the same time…nice.  I liken it to running with a blowdryer blowing at me on the highest setting.  No joke.  That being said, I must say, I have NEVER regretted a single outdoor run I’ve taken.  I almost did – once – right after Hurricane Gustav was seemingly over – our family and extended family spent the night huddled up in our poolhouse with the generator keeping us cool and tuned in to the news.  By the next day, I was literally ready to stretch my legs and grab a quick run.  So, I did and by the time I got to the far point of my neighborhood to turn around, I looked into the distance and saw one of the final “bands” of Hurricane Gustav coming our way – this purple/blue thick strip of sky, complete with embedded lightning.  My heart raced.  I don’t do lightning.  I turned and high-tailed it home, through the golf course!  THAT was pretty scary. 

So that was a couple of Saturdays ago.  Hubby and I decided to take girls to Gruene for a night and then he ended up with pneumonia!  When a parent gets sick, look out.  The household balance is totally askew and such was life here.  Things are finally getting back to normal.  He’s in New Orleans for baseball, so that’s a good sign.  He’s still not feeling 100% so that’s a little worrisome for me.

Still, trying to keep things flowing the way they should for the fam…one kiddo went to camp in Arkansas for a week – he loved it, as usual.  Another kiddo is coming back in the morning from a week in Northern California from camp with lots of friends from his school.  He has had a wonderful experience there and I’m so grateful for that.  Girls starting soccer camp next week. 

Me?  I’m getting my workouts in when and how I can.  I’ve done well on my miles – treadmill and outdoor miles – lots of pool workouts.  I’m even getting better at swimming!  Like, real swimming with my face in the water swimming!  That’s huge for me.

I’ve been riding my bike as well.  I promised my hubby I would get a helmet, so I’ll do that today probably.  I think I’m ready to save some dollars toward a basic tri-bike for me.  I’ve considered changing the wheels on my mountain Trek, but I love off-road riding a lot and I don’t think tri-wheels will share my passion!  I’m not sure how much a tri-bike will run, but I’m willing to look at it now, and that’s a start! 

Cat evidently spent the large majority of yesterday and the entire night outdoors…whoops.  Little one found him outside this morning.  She bathed him ;]  I’m sure he wished he would have stayed outside after that.  heehee

Mass today so I can greet my beautiful son in the morningj – they are going to Mass in San Francisco this afternoon…how fabulous.  My prayer for him this week was to have a better relationship with God and to recognize that there is a whole beautiful world out there and he can participate in it anywhere!  If I were him, I’d go to college someplace far and beautiful…spread those wings and FLY!  Life is full, beautiful and good – grab it while you can!


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  1. I love reading this blog b/c I live in Washington DC where it is always hazy, hot, and humid all summer long and even when I wake up at dawn it’s hot, hot, hot as I run. Good too know I’m not the only one suffering out there!

    • I relate!!! I didn’t realize DC got that way, too! I guess being born in the south, my idea of summers in DC have always been easy, breezy, but obviously NOT!!! Way to get out there & get your miles in…at dawn? Sweet!

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