My beautiful children...

Destin sunset...

We got back last night…vacation is always so nice, but coming home to an empty pantry & fridge is not so nice!  Our whole family had a great week away; high school junior’s baseball team won every game of the tournament that they played; that was really nice.

The night before we left, I hurt my back.  Yes, ouch.  It continued to hurt for a day or so, got better, then hurt again.  Hubby did reflexology.  I prayed.  A lot.  Back better.  Much.  Hubby urged me to run.  I was afraid.  What if it still hurt?  Only one way to find out.  Not only did it feel fine, I ran alongside a wildlife refuge which was literally music to my ears!  I hit that path twice more during the week.  Humidity is about half of South Louisiana’s, so that was really sweet.

On one run, I was just about to take my first running step and then continued to walk.  Not because of my back, but because of the cleaning lady pushing her cart up the hill.  I felt very privileged, being out there, able to run…or able to go walk on the beach with kiddos…or do nothing.  But here is this sweet looking little Spanish lady, with kind eyes, pushing her cart to take care of other people’s garbage, sand, etc.  I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.  Weird thing was, I saw her cart before I saw her, and I was oddly reminded of the scene from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie where it was dusk and the knife dude was pushing that cart full of knives.  I used to get thrilled during that part… anywho, that thought was erased from my mind right-quick when I realized it was a housekeeper.

I did run that day; I couldn’t help it.  The :30 window presented itself and I jumped through…it was great.

Too much indulgence, though, I must say.  I am definitely counting calories starting today.  Plus, I realized on this trip that I don’t want to be a slave to anything except Jesus.    I pretty much commit each day to Him anyway, but I think I found new fervor while on vacay.  When focusing on Him, blessings are sure to follow.   I much prefer being wrapped in His arms than wrapping my arms around things that are of this world.

So, on with summer.  What will it bring?  10 year old finished her summer reading and her libray challenge of 640 minutes and she’s still going strong!  She’s waiting on her little sister to finish so that they can go claim their prizes!

Life is good.  Peace, yo.

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