I just did my last 5K on my TM for the week.  I totalled just over 23 miles for the week.  That’s really good for me, considering…South Louisiana is brutal on runners in summer; I have kiddos home 24/7; and I have kiddos home 24/7 😉  My time in my pool is not too shabby either.  I will be getting in another workout later today, likely to be 30 or 45 minutes, and that will give me close to another 5 hours of pool workout. 

Most of our family will be going on vacation starting tomorrow, so that will be a much needed break from home and a chance to see my beloved Florida coastline before BP f’s it up.  I will be taking lots of pictures.

As I type, I hear my sweet daughters in their bedroom.  They both, somehow, ended up in my youngest daughter’s full-size bed during the night.  They are giggling and chatting it up totally deaf!  As I passed their room to come to my computer, I could see both little brown heads peeking over the striped quilt, looking at each other.  I adore that they have one another and are so close.  Sometimes the closeness is physical, like in a fist fight ;\, but most of the time, it’s a good sister-relationship!

Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially mine in Heaven.  I sure do wish I could have known him for longer than 8 years.  I do remember his extremely strong faith in God and I am grateful for that memory.  He would hold me up every night and let me kiss the feet of Jesus on this beautiful crucifix that hung on the wall of his bedroom.  He would hold me up and we would both look in the mirror and he would ask me where I got my blue eyes (he had beautiful blue eyes and jet black hair – a beautiful Irish speciman!), and I would say, “You!” and he would tell me, “No, God gave you those eyes!”  He was smart and wonderful.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband, who is the most steadfast rock of a dad.  There is no question about his love or loyalty for or to his family.  I am blessed and so are my children.

Okay, girls are up and active.  So far the conversation has included books for our trip, when are we going to church, when are we bringing the cat, finishing the first level of the book contest they are participating in, where’s dad, 4th grader loves her new implant…

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