I always thought the biggest ache of my life was losing my mom.  It was this tangible, internal ball of darkness.  I hated it.  But the pain subsided because I knew she went to Heaven.  Second to that was thinking I was losing the person I was so deeply in love with.  Lucky for me, I didn’t. 

Today, I took my three children to see Toy Story 3.  Toward the end, when Andy, practically all grown up, was saying good-bye to his mom in his newly vacated room, I lost it.  It was the biggest tug at my heart in so very long.  I sat right by my beautiful 17 year old son who has been, hands down, the best relationship, most lasting relationship I have ever had.  He made me a mother.  He was such a gift from God when I really didn’t think I deserved a gift.  Just the promise of that sweet little life in my stomach caused my life to do a one-eighty.  I’ve never been the same.  Thank God.  Thank You, God.  Luckily for me, my son and I have a great relationship.  Nothing is off limits.  I believe if it’s important enough for him to ask me about, I owe it to him to be honest.   He knows he can ask me anything and tell me anything.  I love being his parent and guiding him in ways my mom didn’t have the good fortune of being able to do.  I see God in my son’s life.  I see God in his eyes.  He is so far ahead of the curve it makes me exhuberant.  So, at this point in the movie, which I was totally not expecting, it’s Pixar, right?  My son tapped my leg, in a re-assuring way that just made my heart melt.  This sweet little boy…the first Toy Story, I took him to see it at Acadiana Mall, when they still had a movie theater!  The second one, at the now defunct Westwood on Congress, in Lafayette.  And, now, the third, we met at the Grand in Lafayette. 

I know my son is growing up and growing out.  I know he will go to college, too.  It’s a new beginning, I keep telling myself.  It’s a year away.  But, as a mom, I know how quickly these years have ticked by and I just want to do my best to relish in the time he is still a kid with some naivete (sp?) in his life. 

He’s sleeping out tonight.  I just called his number to check on him and find out final plans for the evening.  He didn’t answer the two times I rang him.  But, I didn’t really worry, because I know what kind of kid he is.  Sure enough, he called me back and told me he was swimming with his buddies and didn’t hear the phone.  I told him I loved that he was having fun with his friends and just wanted to check on him and make sure everything was okay and what were his plans for the evening. 

I have always believed that parents should be parents and kids can have friends at school.  I still believe this.  But, seeing what a wonderful young man I have been blessed with as a son, I delight in the prospect of being able to be friends with him as he grows up and out.  This mentality has paid off, apparently, because he has a gift of discernment that is only God-given.  He innately does good things.  No, he’s not an angel, but after the movie we saw today, I am choosing to think of what a better world mine is because of him.  I love that boy.


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