Unexpected blessings…


Wow.  Today started out typically…I got up early to get breakfast going knowing that the males of the house all had things to do & places to be…17 year old was going to Blue Bayou Water Park in Baton Rouge with several friends, 16 year old had baseball and piano lesson, 56 year old had work…or so I thought!  56 year old asked me to go swimming!!!!  At 8:30 in the morning on a Friday, my hubby wanted to go swimming to get a workout!!!  Are you kidding?  I’m so there!!!!  We had a great workout & the girls swam with us.  He even asked me about some of the exercises I was doing!  What a great day this was starting out to be!  I must say, I got out of the pool 45 minutes later and felt worked out!  It was great! 

Anywho, my daughters began speech therapy today at Sunset Elementary School in Sunset…go figya!  I love this little school.  It’s right near Grand Coteau and just a beautiful area.  So, I dressed for running.  Keep in mind, y’all, that they were scheduled for therapy from noon to 1:00.  South Louisiana is H-O-T….and humid????  Wow, you have to feel it to believe it.  But it’s all good.  Hydrate, food, you gotta plan for this type thing, right? 

The speech therapist we have been blessed with for several summers now is an amazing woman who attends our church.  She is just one of my favorite people.  So, after I got the girls into her wonderfully capable hands, I went out “there”…”there” being the football field.  Much to my delight, the entire field had been freshly cut.  This field is surrounded by pastures and farmland, just a feast for the senses…I was so happy I didn’t bring my I-Pod.  I just wanted to relish in everything flooding my senses.  As I pressed start on my BFF Garmin (I do love the numbers), I headed toward the back & just burst out laughing at this cow that was eating grass, minding his sweet, cow-like business, and staring at me, the way cows can stare!  His big dark eyes followed me and I couldn’t help but laugh and talk to this dude.  I felt like I was living a “Far Side” cartoon!  “Dude, y’all won’t believe this…there is this lady, running in huge ovals around this field and in this heat!  She matches!  And she’s not a kid!  Wait for it…wait for it…see?  There she goes again!”    I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was pretty generic conversation….after my 3rd lap and his continuing stare, I’m pretty sure I remember telling him to get used to me, cuz I was doing a 5K…a grassy, totally cross-country in the country 5K…birds were singing, the sun was blistering…wait, I gotta get the stats for you…actual temperature was 93 degrees, feel-like temperature was 99 and relative humidity was 55 percent…it made for a HOT run, but a glorious run because I was prepared, but more than that, I was not expecting! 

So, now it’s late afternoon here and it feels like a great summer day with no responsibilities…the only thing on tap for the rest of the day is to enjoy my girls – they’ve already had a great shaving cream fight and now it’s time to swim…s’mores later and my sweet son has requested “gourmet mac & cheese” for dinner…how can I say no to that???    I made it up and it’s very easy and very delicious…nothing fake…just good stuff…like today, I guess!

Peace, y’all…

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