Helllloooo, summer!


The first day of my summer started at 2:00 in the morning…2:00 in the freaking morning, sorry. ;0  H.S. junior had conversation with my hubby and it woke me up…couldn’t fall back asleep…till almost 4:00…right as I began to doze, my sweet daughter dove into bed, “Mom, my stomach hurts, bad.”  4 throw up sessions later, she’s laying on the couch…I couldn’t put my finger on a noise I was hearing outside…turned out to be H.S. student no. 2 left hot tub on all night, including the rumbling natural gas heater!  So, I stumbled out at daybreak to try to save a few cents & turn it off…open the meat locker, er, FREEZING POOLHOUSE, to find he left the AC on 68 degrees all night, too!   But, I am his step-mom, and not an evil one, so I don’t say anything, except to you, of course!

Anywho, as I turn off all things expensive & electrical & turn to go back in the house, I hear a horn blare on Highway 90/I-49, followed by the sickening sound of a wreck…said a quick prayer & darted inside.  I’m still looking for my Mizunos so I can jump on the TM for a 5K when sweet girl dozes after what I am expecting to be another vomit session…sweet girl number 2 is patrolling the living room with a can of Lysol…

Could be worse!  Peace, yo.

P.S.  It’s 8:47 a.m.  wow.

About southernrunningmom

Contact me like this: Via FaceBook - Mary Broussard, Certified Health Coach (feel free to private message me) or e-mail me - southernholistichealth@gmail.com. I am also on Twitter - MaryBob143. Instagram - Southern Running Mom...peace out. I keep my original profile details up because...well, that was my truth back then. Today, I'm much different. And busy. So, I'll update the About Me section very soon. Meanwhile, my tags would be: recovery, AA, 12 Steps, honesty, abuse, recognizing narcissism. Any who, thanks for reading this far. Mom with great husband & family...I totally love running, cooking, gardening...

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