I don’t even know what to entitle this post, so I’ll skip it.  I’m horrified at what is happening right down the road from our pristine neighborhood – I’m sure everyone watches the news, CNN, namely is what I’ve been watching and they are doing a great job covering the avoidable tragedy of oil spewing into the Gulf waters.  I’ve been praying so much and ask each of you to keep this tragedy in your prayers, too, so that we can have a quick restoration.  I know with hurricane season starting up next week, people are even more worried, but something is telling me a hurricane ripping through the wetlands that are literally saturated with crude might not be so bad.  I am thinking that enough pounding rain (hurricanes are just an amazing force of nature that I have lived through since I can remember!) for long enough could actually disperse the oil…I am definitely a glass-half-full chick, no mistake about it.

I want to go down there myself and start cleaning up – I mentioned this to my husband last night and he quickly reminded me that people are only able to tolerate the air for moments at a time without proper clothing – respiratory ailments, etc., are certain to follow.  I just don’t know where this will end. 

First of all, the spewing must stop.  I don’t think the top kill will work due to the pressure.  I never thought I’d be anxious to drill in the Gulf, but I think they need to drill immediately and try to tap into the well from a different angle.  My husband told me it takes months to drill…so have they started?  And with the oil continuing to make it’s way to our already-fragile wetlands, what will the increasing supply of it do to our air?  We are close to the Gulf already…my mind just doesn’t know where to go with this horrible mess except straight to God, like I do with everything else in my life.

Okay, I know life has to go on, right?  We have to figure out a way to incorporate this tragedy into our everyday lives and deal.  I get that.  I still run.  I still ride.  I still swim.  I still love my Mizunos.  I washed them this morning and ran with them fresh out of the washing machine because I love them so much.

I had a great surprise this morning.  I ran 5 and then rewarded myself with a bike ride.  While playing around with my BFF Garmin 305 the other day, I found a way to seemingly record my bike miles, too.  However, I also remember that someone told me I had to have a foot pod to use the bike portion.  So, I guess I filed that info in my outbox because I never fooled with my Garmin that way – for my bike, that is.  So, today, I thought, “Let’s just see…”  And it worked!  It was great!  When I plugged my BFF into upload my time, BAM!  There was my multi-sport entry of 5 miles, too!  It was great!


When I returned from my workout, I couldn’t help but notice my Irises we planted a couple of months ago…extremely happy blooms, wouldn’t you say?

Mallards, the newest members of our outdoor residents... : )

These guys are great…I hope they stay around for awhile…

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