I have MISSED my BLOG!!!!  Hello, sweet thing, I’m right here!!!!  The last couple of weeks have been hectic and even now, I only have given myself 10 minutes to purge…let’s start with the present, shall we???

I-Pod is good.  I use mine, a variety of them, actually, often.  However, after waking up and putting ear-buds in my ears within 10 minutes of getting 3rd grader up?  mmmm, not so good.  That’s how this morning was.  I have NEVER had so much homework as my 3rd grader has these days.  Yes, I have not.  There in no way in God’s creation she could do it all herself, by herself…it’s an amazing amount of work.  I am exhausted at this moment, drinking a Synergy, waiting to get the high school boys out the door so I can run and infuse my body with fresh air & sunshine.

So, anywho, back to the stuff…Dave Matthews….man, oh, man, “You & Me” is just a vacation in my ears, y’all.  After I got the girls on the bus and sped through the parking lot to distance myself from the 3rd grader (hey, I never claimed to be perfect), I cranked up Dave in my ears and grabbed my big orange cup of perfectly warmed, extremely dark, flavorful, black coffee.  Yes, my world was quickly getting back on track.

Oh, get this:  yesterday, starting at 8:00 in the morning, I tried to burn a disk for my daughter’s 4th grade project.  It NEVER happened.  I finally took a break at noon, to run, and then went to Target, thank you body spray, and still, no burned disk.  So, I sent her to school with the entire Flip camera & cables, and a sincere prayer.  “Dear Lord, please let there be a place to plug in this Flip camera so that my sweet girl isn’t penalized for her momma’s technological weaknesses.  It’s not her fault, God.  Oh, and please let it work.  Thank You.” 

I secretly want to send out an e-mail to all the 3rd grade and ask, “Is it just me, or is the amount of homework just overwhelming starting with two weeks ago?  Okay, y’all be honest, who’s doing some of the homework for your daughters?”  I guess I’m just a little scared of what I might hear back, you know?  “What?  YOU are doing your daughter’s homework?  Are you serious?”  “Yes, yes, I am totally serious.  I am 42 years OLD and have NEVER heard of so many kinds of spiders!  What?  One of them builds a raft to drag his food to?  I know I’m not supposed to end my sentences/questions with a prepositions; what are you gonna do about it?  Huh?  Oh, and there are how many segments to each spider leg?  Okay, seriously, folks, I have NEVER needed this information before learning it in her homework and I would wager she’ll never need it either.  There, I said it.”

On a happier note, the running has been going GREAT and so has the bike riding!  Did my own personal duathlon.  2 mile run, 16 mile bike, 2 mile run.  Loved it.  Will include that more in my workouts…

Gotta rouse the troops & find my Mizunos…

Peace, y’all.

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Contact me like this: Via FaceBook - Mary Broussard, Certified Health Coach (feel free to private message me) or e-mail me - I am also on Twitter - MaryBob143. Instagram - Southern Running Mom...peace out. I keep my original profile details up because...well, that was my truth back then. Today, I'm much different. And busy. So, I'll update the About Me section very soon. Meanwhile, my tags would be: recovery, AA, 12 Steps, honesty, abuse, recognizing narcissism. Any who, thanks for reading this far. Mom with great husband & family...I totally love running, cooking, gardening...

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