Run, pray, love…it


Decided to gift myself a 10-miler…decided this yesterday – I always give myself a big ‘ol run when my birthday or mother’s day is approaching.  I love knowing I have it in me to do it and I don’t want to waste “it”…”it” being so many things – health, ability, strength, the day, for goodness sake…anywho, so, I decided I had better get it done cuz life certainly has a way of happening.  Sooooo….kids on bus.  Check.  Husband off to work.  Check.  House of horrors – wow, dude, the laundry…the bathrooms…welllll…gotta run!  Bye! 

God bless my housekeeper.  I’m totally buying her a gift card this week in addition to her salary…

Anywho, I parked at our health club & took off.  Didn’t realize it was quite so humid, but, I was already moving, Garmin all cued up & I-Pod, too, so I kept going.  Around 5 miles, I thought, it’s toooo hard!  What was I thinking?  I have to pee!  Suddenly, I was scoping out port-0-potties placed on neighborhood contruction sites.  Relax.  I DID NOT do that.  But it was fun thinking about it.  I ran through the neighborhoods I used to ride my bike as a kid & that was really fun.  Okay, enough, already, I really have to PEE now.  So, I decided to make a water stop about a mile & a half away at Shop Rite.  But on the way there, I saw my favorite (ok, one of my favorites) churches.  Let me list what happened at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, in my life – First Communion for me, my father’s funeral, my mother’s memorial service, my wedding to my beautiful son’s father, my father-in-law’s funeral, my nieces confirmations, countless Holy Days, countless days where no one was in the church, except me, on my knees, in the front pew, back pew, middle pew, sometimes, right there on the alter steps (wanted to make sure He saw me), sometimes thanking, sometimes crying, sometimes both…okay, so you get the picture?  That was my stop.  I prayed in that front pew.  I thanked God for entrusting me with my son, especially on this day, his birthday.  It was wonderful.

This, I promise, will be continued.  The bus will be dropping off two little angels soon…

Okay…I’m back…wow.  What a difference  a day makes.  No run.  Not happening today, evidently.  The witching hour has struck – 4:30 – wwwaay past running. 

4th grader got head gear today at ortho.  Head hurt.  Teeth hurt.  Day off.  We got her homework done, when the Motrin kicked in.  We swam.  We rode bikes.  We went to the nursery.  We planted dwarf mondo grass between haphazardly broken pieces of beautiful flagstone…we got snowballs…we had a great day!  I actually love when my house looks like a Saturday, mid-day, when it’s a week day…way to shake things up!

Between my cochlear-implanted daughters, they have 6 devices…count ’em, six…much to my chagrin, they were all out of warranty.  After meeting with hubby at his office this morning, oh, how did I forget that on my list of things I did today; )?  Anywho, we decided to get the plan in place on 4 of them, rather than 6 – they each have a back-up, which serves just as a back up & we can’t really justify keeping them in the plan at the cost of $1,500…so, when all was said & done, $3,200 and we have plans in place again for our sweet girls cochlear implants for another year…

“Mom, the water is steaming!”  This is my cue to get going again…mac & cheese waits for no one… ;]

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