Have fun while you can!


Woke up & realized I needed to drive the girls to school because they needed Mommy’s arms to help carry all their stuff for the final day of teacher appreciation week!  Dress in running gear.  We are unloading at school & 4th grader realizes lunches are MIA.  No problem, I assured her, I’ll bring you lunch before 11:00.  Get everyone & everything deposited where they should.  Back in car.  Car wash.  (Per 4th grader’s request due to sleepover tonight…)  Done.  11th grader:  “Yep, my glasses are definitely gone.”  Wouldn’t bug me so much if the boy didn’t need them to SEE!  Target.  Pack lunches at cashier stand.  Smoothie King.  Small Strawberry Shredder (you & I both know I could easily suck down that 40 oz. that’s only 5 bucks on Fridays, but I restrain myself).  Dr. Piccione.  “Yes, I know we just bought glasses.  No frequent buyer card?”  heehee. No, apparently not.  $2–.00 and 5 minutes later, I’m out of there…oh, yes, I’ll be back before noon because you close at noon on Friday.  got it.  Back out to Grand Coteau.  Sneak upstairs quietly to deliver lunches.  As I’m about to sneak back downstairs, I hear a soft, sweet voice, whisper, “Mom?  Thank you!”  I turned around to see my darling 3rd grader.  She ran up & hugged me & kissed me & said, “I love the lunch bag!  It’s new & pretty!”  Of course, that made it all worthwhile.  Okay.  Moving on.  Moving on.  We’re walking.  We’re walking.  Back in the car.  Drive to eye doctor dude again.  Pick up glasses.  Deliver them to school.  Look at the time.  Look at my cargo area!  Left on the list:  emergency stop for coffee.  Manicure/pedicure (birthday celebration dinner for 16 year old tomorrow night – the feet & hands must look good anyways, right?).  Oh, yes, and RUNNING.  How can I run AFTER my pedicure, I ask the Starbucks drive-through dude???!!!!  Do you think I should take up barefoot running today?  Well, do ya, punk?  Now, I’m just getting a little freaked out.  Don’t want to mess up my soon-to-be shocking purple toes, but dang, a girl’s gotta run, right?  So, drive-through dude tells me to run barefoot on the treadmill, or swim for a cross-training day.  Not bad, drive through dude, not bad at all.  I’ll take your ideas into consideration.  Keep the change.  Get the mani/pedi.  Feet look great, especially for runner’s feet!  I’m home.  Car’s all unloaded.  Forgot the Jiffy Pop stove-top popcorn.  Dang.  Still no run, but I’ll get there.

My life is extremely blessed and wonderful. 

In the back of my mind, I think of the slow moving hurricane in the Gulf – not the windy, rainy kind, but the wind-driven, can’t stop the oil from gushing, kind, already hitting our poor, abused coastline.  We Louisianaians (sp?)  watch reports and listen to the news with horror in our minds and prayers in our hearts – our industry that has shaped our state and shaped our coastline, too, is turning on us for the moment.  We’ll recover.  We always do.  It’s how we are.  But for the mean time, lives will be changed, economically and otherwise.  At this point, as much as I love things with heartbeats that don’t have the ability to reason, I’m not so upset over those things that will die and be ruined, but the poor people who make their living from their boats with their nets.  They will suffer the most. 

My prayer list just grew.  Likewise, yes?

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