Still chasing the sun…


Well, I know I said I would try to not fit regular things into an irregular week, but evidently, not averaging 20 miles (come on, that’s not a biggie – I’m not even training for anything at the moment) has remained present in the back of my mind.  I felt that I painted myself into a corner last week because I ran two 5K races on two Saturdays in a row.  So, with that in the mix, it kind of changed up my week of running last week – I didn’t run on the Sunday after the first race & then the week unfolded differently than I expected, so I didn’t get my 20 in either!  Wow.  So, after Saturday’s race, which I got 4th for my age group – oh, let me digress – the streets were WET, the air was somewhat cool and a little moist and the state of Louisiana was under a tornado watch (the same tornado watch that took lives later that day in La. & Miss.)…anywho, I was off to a good start, damp street & all and about halfway through the race, I realized my right shoe wasn’t tied as tight as I wanted…the outside of my calf was achy & that’s the deal on that.  But, I wasn’t about to stop & waste precious seconds, so I sucked it up, pretended it wasn’t happening and moved on.  I ended up with 25:something, not awful.

So, I didn’t run Sunday last either.  I made up my mind – two back to back 10Ks on my tm, Monday & Tuesday, that is.  I just finished my second one & feel great.  I have over 12 miles toward my weekly goal and it’s only Tuesday.  I might just make up some miles that I lost over the last couple of weeks!  That’d be sweet.

Speaking of sweet, I have to go bake cookies for teacher appreciation week – every day the girls bring something to their teachers.  Today was the day for them to bring flowers.  Yesterday was the teacher appreciation luncheon.  So, while my Sweet Potato Casserole was baking away in the oven, I was pounding it out on the t.m.  I jumped off TM, changed shirts, sprayed Chanel, gingerly packed up the casserole, drove the 25 miles to school, sneaked into the cafeteria, placed my oh-so-delicious casserole (let me know if you want the recipe; no one has ever been disappointed in it, I promise.) in line with the others, sneaked out, desperately trying not to be seen, freshly run & sweated – if that makes grammatical sense…

Kept on going – cleaners, Sam’s, etc…ended up swimming in afternoon with girls & then bike-riding with 4th grader.  Oh, and cooked a fabulous crawfish etoufee for dinner – Sam’s had fresh Louisiana crawfish for $10 a pound!  Couldn’t pass that up.  Served on a bed of organic brown rice, of course…

Great day. 

I gotta run…no pun intended.

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