Unexpected cross-training!


It’s rare for me to have an empty house early in the morning.  My husband usually leaves after all the kids, depending on what’s going on at work.  Today seemed to be one of those days.  He left at the same time as the kiddos, so I thought, I’m tired, I’m hormonal, I’m going to get back in bed with a cup of coffee & watch Joyce Meyer!  Which is just what I did after dropping girls at bus.  Not 5 minutes went by & you guessed it!  Ring, freaking ring!!!  Hello?  Mom?  (Okay, at this point,  since it’s someone I love, it was a retroactive ring, ring!!!!)  Yes, hey, honey, what’s up?  Are you at home?  Why, yes!  Do you think you could bring me my belt and glasses?  Sure.  Oh, wow, thanks.  Okay, I gotta go to class, the bell’s about to ring.  Well, Joyce, I’ll catch you on the flip-flop.  So, by the time I got home, my morning was creeping toward 9 & that’s not restful territory for me.  I don’t vegetate (sp?) easily, so I pulled on my gardening boots & gloves & got to work!

To put my front yard in perspective, I used a 50 pound bag of Osmocote to fertilize the gardens.  That’s  a lot of fertilizer for a lot of gardens, a lot of very full, happy gardens.  My flower-happy husband purchased 48 FLATS of these beautiful vinca flowers that I ‘ve been planting for two weeks.  Today was the day.  A vinca in every spot!  Not really, but you get the idea.

When I got to the backyard, we have these beautiful large urns that needed replanting thanks to the freezes we had.  However, the root system of my braided hibiscus had me SWEATING and thinking horrible WORDS!!!!  Guess how I finally cut some of the roots?  Well, give up, cuz you’ll never guess.  I had to use our branch cutter.  Yes, you know the really long-handled thing with the blades on the end that are crazy-sharp?  I used that and felt a sense of accomplishment at the blades slicing through those exposed roots like I cut cheese.  No, NOT THAT cheese.  I’m thinking a nice brie with an organic glass of red…okay, I digress.

I had everything planted, fertilized, and watered and decided to get my 3 miles out of the way while I was in my outdoor-mode.  I had to get cleaned up to run; can you imagine?  It’s true.

It was a hard run for me.  I was weighted yesterday and did speed intervals the day before – my friend Andrea gave me the best idea for intervals – sprint :60, slow 1:20.  I liked this a lot because the 2 minutes of slower running really lets my body settle down so I could do my sprints with more energy than if I only took :60 in between.  Follow?  I don’t know why I always have to find a way to push the envelope that way.  Blast my lungs for 1 & recover for 1!  Hurry, hurry, do it!  I mean, the sprint is the real key in that workout, is it not?  Maybe at some point, 2:00 is too long to rest, but I think 8 sprints is good.  This is preceded by a :10 warmup & a brief cool-down.  Bottom line is I’m always looking for new workouts to try.  I love this type of workout because it doesn’t require a track, just a watch. 

Getting excited about Festivale International!  Great music from all over the globe right here in downtown Lafayette!  Great food, great shopping!  This upcoming festival has always been my favorite.

Happy Earth Day, y’all!  Gotta go figure out dinner for family…

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