Plyometrically challenged


No, I’m not really, but I like the way it sounds.  I took a weighted one hour walk this morning – extra 8 pounds of weights via a waist pack & my oh-so-lovely (NOT) Sketcher fitness shoes.  Those shoes are crazy comfortable, but they aren’t the most beautiful things around, to be sure! 

Anywho, the tops of my legs were aching this morning, thanks to my very brief P90X experience yesterday.  I was so bummed about not getting back to it because I could tell the Plyometrics workout was one not to be missed.  But, since I am running a 5K this weekend, I figured I would walk today, run tomorrow & probably take off Friday to save my legs for the run. 

It’s really hard for me not to run every day.  I know better than to trust myself and think that I can go out in my regular running stuff & walk.  So, I add enough weight that I know I can’t run, put on those cool shoes and hit the road!  I didn’t even have my IPod, which was nice. 

I keep checking out marathons for later in the year and thus far, nothing strikes my fancy…either the date is bad (I would never run one on a kiddo’s birthday), or the race is too far; not for me, but my husband doesn’t dig my marathon ideas at all…there’s always Houston, but that’s not till the end of next January…my last two 26.2’s were small races and I must say, I really like the big race feel…very dramatic & just fun knowing I’m running the same course as those elite runners…

Okay, time to go soak up the Son…

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