I should have taken notes…


I have so many things that have happened since I last posted that I wanted to write about & now I can’t remember!  I’ll just work backwards & hope for the best.  Had a GREAT run this morning – was aiming for only 30 minutes because I had to go soak up the Son at Adoration Chapel at my son’s high school.  I averaged 8:28 miles, which made me happy, especially after attempting the workout listed in “Run Like a Mother” book…which I’ll include the link to one day when I learn how to include links!!  Anywho, there is this amazing full page workout in there & I was intrigued by it & tried it.  I love a lengthy recipe, too, so I guess it figures.  The workout yesterday started with a 2 mile run, followed by a 400m 5K pace lap & then lots of other goodies – crunshes, squats, chin-ups…everything you can think of to get moving!  It was great.  I capped it off with a 1 mile run on my treadmill.  Ordinarily, I don’t like to mix my workouts like that – if I’m going to run, I wanna run.  If I’m doing weights & such, then that’s it. 

I purchased some new kicks yesterday!  My Brooks were bought in December & I was just feeling this muscle ache in my right leg & I knew it was time to get some new ones – I am trying Mizuno – never tried them before.  I’m usually into Asics & Brooks, but I liked the way these felt in the store.  They are the Wave 13 model & I really enjoyed them on my run.  I’m trying to plan the rest of my week – that’s really code for trying to fit my runs in – I have a ceiling guy coming in the morning, a meeting at 10 at my girls’ school, so I guess I’ll run after that.  I planned on Mass at the high school, but I’m assuming the ceiling dude will cut right into that.  And I can’t very well go out to a meeting in running clothes…or could I?  Heehee, I wouldn’t do that.  I just like to get my run done early!  And then there’s Friday, which is smelling like a long run to me.  I only have ten miles this week (another reason I was a little ambivalent about yesterday’s workout), and my goal this year was 20 miles a week.  Saturday includes our last 2 soccer games & hockey out of town to be announed…I’m not whining, just thinking…trying to fit it all in. 

Good news is Sunday begins Holy Week.  I LOVE Holy Week.  The older I get, the more meaningful it becomes to me.  I love Veneration of the Cross.  Our kids’ high school do a phenomenal job of the Stations of the Cross/Passion…I can’t remember the last time I didn’t cry at one of those. 

Of course, this weekend, I’ll have to have some kind of an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos…yes, I hide eggs just for the girls to find…they enjoy it.  Maybe the weather will be warm enough to swim!

There goes my kitchen timer telling me my post-time is up!  Gotta get going again!

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