Robiespierre, our cat from Jersey...

For the life of me, I don’t know why, after just figuring out how to upload ANYTHING, I would choose this picture of our sweet, forever-hungry, kitty cat.  It just makes me laugh, looking through pictures on the computer and then this pops up…

Anywho, felt a little redeemed today after yesterday’s feeling of doing way less than I wanted.  I realized I jumped pretty quickly back onto the running bandwagon after the 13.1 in New Orleans…I guess I forgot that a half marathon is still a half marathon, a significant amount of running.  Too late for recovery, but I’ll just listen to the body…very nice run today.  This is what a South Louisiana spring day looks like – crystal-blue skies, breezy, winds alternating warm & cool.  I love days like today.  Started with heavy legs & realized I was not getting beaten today by cruddy feelings of heaviness!  I forged ahead, knowing the feeling would pass and it did.  I finished with 5 miles, 8:51 pace…I’m happy with that.  I’m even happier that I got my car cleaned this morning!  My vehicle pretty much lives with at least 2-4 various wrappers on the floor, a broken-tipped pencil in the cup holder, and the glorious aroma of strong black coffee.  The next statement is PURELY FICTIONAL:  I can drive, steer with my knees, with a cup of hot coffee in one hand & my cell phone in the other.  That was not true.  I would NEVER do that…;)  As I write that, I realize that really should be on my “not-to-do” list.  I have an invention – a steering wheel that has a texting keyboard right in the middle where the airbag comes out…think of it – your hands would never leave the steering wheel and your eyes would barely leave the road.  It’ll never happen.  Just a thought…

Confirmation tonight!  I’m so excited that my son loves our faith so much that he is going to take this step.  At the beginning of his confirmation classes, we parents had to promise that if at any time our child voiced feelings of not being ready or for whatever reason, did not want to get confirmed, we as parents had to respect those feelings…but, happily, here we are and he is READY!  We don’t have a large number of sacraments, so this is really special…

Oh, and if Catholics miss the traditional time of getting confirmed for whatever reason, becoming confirmed as an adult can be full of red tape…I say “can be” because that’s what happened to me.  It was definitely worth it, but when I think of where I started on that road, it’s overwhelming. 

Let me see if I can add a better picture…

New Orleans R 'n R Half-Marathon

at the finish!

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